Monday, June 28, 2010

roasted garlic and spinach frittata with a red potato crust

roasted garlic and spinach frittata with a red potato crust, originally uploaded by aarn! +28th June, 2010+.

whipped six eggs until foamy with 4-cloves of crushed roasted garlic, 1.5T. white miso paste, 2T. heavy cream, a splash of olive oil, a pinch of cayenne, 2T. breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, and three sprigs worth of picked fresh thyme.

thinly sliced 1/4 of a vidalia onion, and one large red potato (less than 1/16th of an inch). greased a 9-in spring-form pan with butter, then tiled the bottom and as much of the side-walls as possible with the thinly sliced potato, making sure to have a good amount of overlap. sprinkled the potato layer with salt. hand-mixed a few large handfuls of fresh spinach, 1/2c. of grated sharp cheddar cheese, the thin sliced vidalia onion, and the remaining slices of potato into the egg mixture. poured/scooped the egg mixture into the potato crust in the spring-form pan. placed the pan on the bottom rack in a 350-degree oven for about 45-minutes, until the top started to brown a little and there were no signs of liquid egg mixture. removed the pan from the oven and popped off the spring form edge. let cool for 15-minutes or so,
then removed from the pan using a flexible spatula.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

rustic goat cheese, chive, and pancetta tortellini over wilted spinach with brown butter

made a fresh pasta dough by mixing together 3/4c. all-purpose flour with 1 large egg, 1/4t. salt, 1/2t. olive oil, and 1/4t. luke warm water. placed the mixed and kneaded dough in the refrigerator to chill.

mixed together 1.5-oz of fresh goat cheese, one egg yolk, 1T. fresh chopped chives, 1t. panko bread crumbs, 1t. all-purpose flour, salt, pepper, and five thin slices of pancetta cut into narrow ribbons.

rolled out the chilled dough and cut it into 4x4-in squares. lightly coated each square with a little egg white, folded into a triangle around a ball of the goat cheese mixture, and completed the tortellini shapes.

blanched a handful of fresh spinach leaves in a 50/50 mixture of chicken stock and water with a splash of olive oil and a pinch of salt. removed the spinach with a slotted spoon after 30-seconds in the blanching liquid. tossed the blanched spinach in a pinch of salt and pepper and a dash of seasoned rice wine vinegar. cooked the tortellini using the same blanching liquid as the spinach and then pulled and tossed the cooked pasta in 2T. of brown butter. plated the tortellini over the blanched spinach in a warm large rimmed bowl, topped with a splash of the brown butter, salt, pepper, fresh chives, and coarse grated parmesan cheese.

simple cherry and carrot juice

simple cherry and carrot juice, originally uploaded by aarn! +3rd June, 2010+.

pitted and removed the stems from 1.5-lbs of fresh cherries. ran the cherries through a hand-crank masticating juicer with a few small peeled and diced raw carrots. used a coarse mesh strainer to remove some of the larger pulp and served in a chilled glass with some ice.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

olive oil poached chilean sea bass over mushroom and white lentils

placed a 1-lb steak of chilean sea bass in a deep casserole dish with a diced half of a yellow onion, a few sprigs of thyme, salt, pepper, and enough olive oil to just barely fully-submerge the fish. placed the covered baking dish in a 180-degree oven for 1.5-hrs. pulled the sea bass from the oil, patted off some of the excess oil, and seared both sides in a hot skillet until lightly browned.

sweated the finely diced bottom of a leek in 2T. butter in a sauce pan until tender. added 2-cloves of poached smoked garlic, salt, and pepper, and 3/4c. white cooking wine. let the wine reduce about half way and then added 1c. of white lentils, thinly sliced oyster and wood ear mushrooms, and 2.5c. of chicken stock. allowed to cook, covered on low heat, until only a small amount of liquid remained in the bottom of the sauce pan, then mounted with 2T. of butter and cooked until adequately bound. served the sea bass over the lentils on a warm plate with a squirt of fresh lemon juice over the top.