Tuesday, September 29, 2009

skillet-baked dill, apple, and mozzarella biscuit

skillet-baked dill, apple, and mozzarella biscuit, originally uploaded by aarn! +29th September, 2009+.

there has been a savory biscuit trend going on in the boston area cafes lately, decided to just throw together some ingredients without too much direction and see how it turned out.
cut 4T. of chilled and sliced unsalted butter into 1/2-lb (~3 1/2-4c.) of sifted flour and 1/2c. of maseca corn flour. mixed in 1 1/2t. salt, 3t. baking powder (would have kept all of the dry ingredients together, but things were just kind of flying into the bowl), 2T. finely chopped fresh dill, 1/2c. shredded low-moisture whole milk mozzarella, a diced medium sized apple, and 1 1/4c. whole milk. transferred the thick batter into a greased 10" cast iron skillet, dusted the top with some coarse ground black pepper, and baked at 425-degrees on a middle rack until the bottom was browned and the peaks started to show some nice color, about 28-minutes (5+5+5+5+5+3?). cooled on a wire rack for a few minutes, then served.

[notes: kind of greasy, didn't use the best cheese possible, but turned out pretty well for just winging it. basically started with a known self-rising flour recipe (1c. flour, ~1t. baking powder, ~1/2t. salt) and then just added ingredients until it was ready to hit the oven.]

Friday, September 25, 2009

herb roasted turkey salad with fresh grapes and blueberries

herb roasted turkey salad with fresh grapes and blueberries, originally uploaded by aarn! +25th September, 2009+.

trying to come off of a bit of a hiatus here.

folded 2T. of fresh chopped thyme, savory, and oregano (that's 6T. total), 4 cloves of chopped and crushed garlic, salt, pepper, and a dash of cayenne into a stick of softened butter. cut a few slits where necessary, and separated the skin from the meat on a 15-lb turkey (using an upside down spoon to reach further under the skin and get the small spots). filled a spoon with the herbed butter and deposited spoonfuls under the skin, then worked the balls of butter into a even coating under the skin, by pushing the masses flat from outside. reserved about 2T. of the herbed butter to rub over the outside of the bird. stuffed the cavity of the turkey with two roughly chopped onions. placed the turkey in a disposable aluminum pan, covered with aluminum foil, and put the pan on a hot gas grill. cooked on the grill for about 2 1/2-hrs (didn't have a working temperature gauge, the heat was set to low after the turkey had cooked for a bit), basting and adding liquid as needed (to avoid scorching the bottom, since the bottom of the pan was on direct heat), until the internal temperature in the thickest part of the breast meat read approximately 180-degrees on an instant read thermometer.

the next day, after the turkey was eaten for dinner, the remaining dark and light meat was pulled by hand, mixed with a finely diced onion and a heavy helping of mayonnaise, seasoned with some fresh thyme, a dash of cayenne, a little paprika, a pinch of curry powder, salt and pepper. mixed in some fresh blueberries and grapes, served on some thick slices of toasted challah with some sliced tomato and romaine lettuce.