Tuesday, September 28, 2010

kitchen sink benedict: artichoke heart gravy over a fried egg and pan-fried buttermilk ciabatta

just a quick post to get back into the groove. simmered some marinated artichoke hearts in butter, chicken stock, and white wine. added a spoonful of hummus, made fresh the night before (yeah, basically everything from the refrigerator goes into breakfast). allowed to reduce on low heat until the liquid started to pull off of the bottom of the sauce pan, then added some fresh thyme, salt, pepper, a splash of hot sauce, a splash of soy milk (real milk would have been better), a pinch of flour, and another pat of butter. stirred well to incorporate the flour and thicken evenly. poured the gravy over a fried egg perched on a few thick slices of buttered and pan-fried homemade buttermilk ciabatta left over from the weekend.


Brandie said...

Looks like it even make wonderful lunch. Thanks for coming back! My mouth waters every time you post.

1id6kp98gg said...

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