Sunday, March 14, 2010

garlic coffee-mug popovers

garlic coffee-mug popovers, originally uploaded by aarn! +14th March, 2010+.

crushed together 2 cloves of garlic with a pinch of salt, 1t. garlic powder, 1 sprig of fresh chopped rosemary, and 2 cloves of olive oil poached garlic, in a mortar and pestle until it made a smooth paste. beat together in a mixing bowl 2 large eggs, 1c. whole milk, 1/2t. salt, 3T. of melted butter and the garlic paste. mixed 1c. of sifted all purpose flour into the wet mixture, until fully integrated. let the batter sit for 15-minutes.

placed four large diner-style mugs on a baking sheet and placed in a 450-degree oven. dropped a 3/4T. pad of butter in the bottom of each cup after they had been in the oven for about 5-minutes. let the mugs and butter heat up for about 15-minutes, then mixed the batter one last time and distributed it evenly into the hot buttered mugs in the oven. allowed the batter to bake[/fry] at 450-degrees for 20-minutes, then lowered the temperature to 350-degrees for an additional 15-minutes (until the tops were nice and crispy-brown).

ran a small paring knife around the inside edge of each mug and shook out the popovers. let cool on a rack for a few minutes, then ate them all.

[notes: recipe modified from cooks illustrated. added more butter to the mixture, cooked in butter instead of veg. oil, and added the spice paste thing. and yeah, who has a popover pan? i'm not going to buy a special pan for one dish that i have never made before and might not make again, sure they didn't really pop-over, but whatever.]


Jessica said...

Aaron, I went to high school with you (Jessica Cohen) and I stumbled across your blog via various food blogs and

Your photos and your creations look really amazing. I just ate dinner and they made me hungry. Keep up the nice posts.

jaeasan said...

Hi Aaron,
Who has a popover pan? Team managers come up with everything, so yes, the next time you're in town, bring your mom and stopover for dinner and we can use my popover pan. Very nice pix - I was looking for inspiration for lunch tomorrow and will include the salad with bright colors + perhaps popovers.
Another one that looks great, (taken from Byerly's fall magazine) is polenta with colorful vegetables against a dark background.
Hope you are doing well, Jae