Wednesday, August 5, 2009

yogurt cucumber red cabbage and dill salad with hard boiled egg

brought a pot of water containing three eggs to a boil. after reaching a boil, let the pot sit, removed from heat for 10-minutes. then removed the eggs, chilled, peeled, and sliced.

mixed together 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 3/4c. of lowfat plain yogurt, 2T. of mayonnaise, 1.5t fresh chopped dill, and a pinch of salt and pepper. tossed in the dressing one thinly sliced spring onion stalk with a large bulb (with a little of the greens), one large cucumber, 1/2 of a small red cabbage, and whole toasted pepitas. plated the salad in some chilled bowls with a side of hard boiled egg.

[notes: this really was a great salad, the picture didn't doesn't really do it. this salad is a spin off an old french recipe (which immediately makes it cool, right?), on hot days this french guy said that they would make a spread of chilled hard boiled eggs slathered (i think he used a different word) in a yogurt garlic and mint sauce. he said that it took the edge off on the hot days, sounded crazy, but delicious. all of the veggies were from parker farms, btw.]

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dontstopdreaming said...

great stuff! Looks amazing aaron!