Monday, June 29, 2009

kosher salt and rice vinegar marble rye crisps

kosher salt and rice vinegar marble rye crisps, originally uploaded by aarn! +29th June, 2009+.

salvaged a loaf of fresh bread that didn't turn out so great (didn't rise enough, dough sat around for a while, too firm) by slicing it into 1/8-in thick rounds, crosswise,
seasoning the slices with seasoned rice vinegar, a spritz of oil, and some salt and pepper. baked on a lightly oiled baking sheet, in a 425-degree oven, for 7-minutes on a
singe side, then pulled and let cool on a rack until crisp. served with a few different topping options/combos blue cheese, some thinly-sliced vidalia onion, and black currant jam.

[original dough: nic]

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