Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dark roast: fair trade guatemalan huehuetenango

dark roast: fair trade guatemalan huehuetenango, originally uploaded by aarn! +7th April, 2009+.

still working out the details of getting a nice roast. this one turned out pretty well. a nice dark roast. trying to pin down the best way to control the stock transient temperature curve of the equipment. the next step is implementing some hardware and electronics. almost through two pounds of green beans, still no perfect roasts. a few standout successes though, which is nice.

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Capt. Sasha said...

How do you keep the beans from coming out too oily? Or rather, what does it mean if the beans turn out oily? Surprisingly, I have trouble finding good whole beans down here and much of the "local roast" is real oily. While I guess that keeps the interior of my Delonghi Magnifica espresso machine well lubricated, the product doesn't taste very good. My favorite bean is the Lavazza Qualita Oro, but that is impossible to find down here.