Friday, January 9, 2009

urban yield: concord grape jam

urban yield: concord grape jam, originally uploaded by aarn! +9th January, 2009+.

in november some nice ripe concord grapes started showing up on the rusty fence in lower allston that separates trisha's house from the neighbors. the grapes were harvested, washed, ground into a pulp (seeds, skin, and all), and cooked down with a 1:3/4 ratio of grapes to sugar. concord grapes have a naturally high pectin content, so once the hot mixture passed the gout test (where the last drop doesn't fall from the spoon) the jelly was canned and put into the refrigerator, and was nice and thick. this was a nice seedy and thick jam with a nice fresh and sweet concord grape flavor, and it was neat that it was all processed less than 20-ft from the vine!

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