Thursday, September 11, 2008

poached egg and feta on a black bean and mushroom cake over a bed of garden fresh tomatoes

made some black bean cakes for dinner a few nights before by mashing up a can of drained and rinsed black beans with chopped garlic, onions, and dried cranberries, mixed with a handful of chopped portobello and oyster mushrooms, two beaten eggs, salt and pepper, and some breadcrumbs, baked for 10-minutes on each side on an oiled baking sheet in a 400-degree oven. heated up one of the cakes, dropped an egg poached with lemon juice on top with some feta, and served on a bed of garden fresh tomatoes that had been picked less than a minute before serving. was a nice lunch at the office!


Unknown said...

Hey i really dig what you are into with this website i just discovered it. I consider it to be really Forward, in that you are kind of synthesizing traditional culinary skills and knowledge with a sensibility of the "slow food movement" and the "vegan/freegan" punk type of ethic. now i forgot the question that i started this comment in order to ask...damn

Unknown said...

ohh, now i remember. you said in the bottom of the comment on this black bean and mushroom cake that, "it was a nice lunch at the office."

I found that comment curious, because throughout the rest of your writing i found many implications that you have lots of free time, seemingly to the extent that you must not be confined by Employment. i am curious what kind of lifestyle has led you to the point where you have taken a "hobby" to such a level. If you would care to elucidate this matter for me, i would be interested.

thanx and take care

aarn said...


i have been thinking about your most recent comment since you left it on saturday. no, i am not confined by my employment. to elaborate, approximately 9 hrs of my day is consumed by work and my commute, five, or sometimes six days each week. there are more than 9 hrs in a day. a meal might be spinning around in my mind all day, and then after work i'll run to the store and pick up a few things and make it happen. i'm pretty quick at slow food, and am getting better at multitasking. my attention span in the kitchen is about 2hrs, so most meals take much less than 2hrs to complete. usually i start with ingredients that are on hand, make something, and then try to figure out what i made, i love the process and technique more than the idea of a specific end result (but i do try and keep this in mind). this blog represents maybe one or two meals a week, probably 5% of the meals that come out of my kitchen. we cook dinner almost every night. eating and cooking are a big part of my life. i don't know exactly what kind of answer you are looking for with the question about my lifestyle, i guess i like to stay busy.

thanks for the comments, and i hope that i filled in some of the blanks.