Tuesday, August 5, 2008

really hot, hot pepper jam

really hot, hot pepper jam, originally uploaded by aarn! +5th August, 2008+.

took a bunch of hot peppers (jalepeno, habenero, red hot cherry), ground them up, removed the seeds and insides, and put on heat with a 1:1 ratio of ground hot pepper to sugar. even before the heat touched the mixture, the sugar caused the pepper mash to release a surprising amount of liquid, enough to simmer with. cooked down the mixture for a while and then after about 15 minutes added the juice of almost an entire lemon, for the pectin content, and let that reduce for another 10 minutes. the hot mixture was then put into a glass jar and let to cool in the refrigerator. shown in the picture, after it set for a while, on a stinky cambozola cheese and flax seed water cracker. also tried it with a nice goat brie (in the background).
[photo: trisha]

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Mike is Bored said...

Dude. I am going to try this once my peppers are ready. I love pepper jam but it is often not hot enough.