Tuesday, August 19, 2008

pb+j spin: cashew butter, dulce de leche, banana, and apricot jam on toasted whole wheat sourdough

made some cashew butter by grinding up 2c. or so of raw cashews with 3-4tsp. of canola oil (a couple at first and then add until at the desired consistency), a pinch of sugar (to taste), and a pinch of salt (to taste). reduced some sweetened condensed milk into a medium-thick dulce de leche syrup/cream. smothered some iggy's whole wheat sourdough with the dulce de leche, followed by the cashew butter, placed some sliced bananas on top, smeared the other side with a nice meaty organic apricot jam, and put it together. served with some nice honeydew melon.


kelly minx riordan said...

please. can i come eat at your house?

aarn said...

totally! you are probably due for a trip back to beans.

Andy said...

I want to live out the rest of my days atop that sandwich.