Wednesday, July 2, 2008

grilled steak sandwich, too big to eat

grilled steak sandwich, too big to eat, originally uploaded by aarn! +1st July, 2008+.

molasses and garlic marinated and grilled angus black steak and sirloin placed between a couple slices of jessica's tuscan pane, topped with horseradish cheddar, wedges of granny smith apple, grilled sweet vidalia onion, fresh bitter raddish greens, and smeared with a crunchy whole grain german mustard.
[horrible camera started to suck again...stupid blue plate is ruining my steez]


Minus Manhattan said...

I think apple slices in sandwiches are fucking awesome.

june2 said...

So true, I used to make a warm sandwich on grilled rye with granny smith's, roquefort, apricot jam, dijon, lettuce and ?? - I can't remember the protein. But it was one of the best things, yum.