Tuesday, July 15, 2008

flaky crispy scallops over balsamic reduction with a light citrus salad

pan seared some scallops which had been tossed in flour, tony chachere's creole seasoning, and cayenne, until crispy and brown, served over the balsamic and grand marnier reduction [3:1] (which has been kicking it in my fridge all syrupy-like and making everything so delicious). the salad was romaine hearts, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, and slices of orange and strawberries. the dressing was a vinaigrette made from fresh squeezed orange juice, seasoned rice vinegar, fresh garlic, a splash of canola oil, and some shavings of romano cheese, blended until thick.

[notes: gorgonzola or a stinky blue cheese would have made this salad unbeatable][photo: trisha]


papichulo said...

nice blogging dude. the photos look great.

aarn said...

thanks, trisha has been teaching me a lot about how to make this stuff look good. she has also taken a bunch of the pictures.